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We would like to thank you for your interest in INFACO Therapy.

We invite you to browse our website and don't hesitate to contacts us with any questions.

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Are you experiencing?

  • Difficulties in overcoming the trials of life

  • Difficulties communicating

  • Uncontrollable anger, impatience, or verbal aggression

  • Unstable or reactive mood, frequent negative emotions, changeable or dramatic

  • Negative body image creating concern, obsessions or distress

  • Performance anxiety, fear of falling short, or problematic perfectionism

  • Depression, sadness, loss of interest or pleasure

  • Bereavement, loss of a loved one or any significant loss

  • Addiction to alcohol, drugs, video games, or social media

  • Couple in difficulties, separation, or divorce

  • Relationship conflicts between relatives, or toxic family relationships

  • Attention deficit, distractibility, poor organizational and concentration difficulties

  • Impulsivity, disinhibition, acting on a whim without thinking about the consequences

  • Procrastination, difficulties initiating, maintaining or achieving goals

  • Career transition, work dissatisfaction or medical leave 

  • Relationship conflicts between parents and child/teenager

Maybe psychotherapy is exactly what you need.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy enables people with personal difficulties to change their thoughts, emotions and behaviours in ways that reduce their distress and allow them to lead more fulfilling lives. In many cases, following psychotherapy, you will leave with tools that will help you to face more effectively the obstacles that will arise in your life.

Although psychotherapy turns out to be one of the most effective and recognized means of solving psychological problems, the decision to consult is often linked to questions such as: Do I really need help? Can someone really help me? Will I feel comfortable? What type of therapy is right for me?

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Some of the benefits.....

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